The Voice and How it Works - Lessons


The voice is an instrument that we all have. We use our whole bodies to sing. Let's watch the video below to explore our voices.

We can also use the poster and worksheets below.

Now let's look at some different sounds that the voice can make. We will use a resource called The Front Door to help us.



What does a "t" sound like?


What sound does a pig make?

Let's go to The Front Door and see if we can make the sounds of each symbol. Before we listen to any sounds we will first try to make the sounds of the doorbells with our voices! We will then play a listening game by listening to the symbols in a sequence.


Now let's try to use these sounds and symbols in a performance for the whole class. We will divide the class into four colour groups and we will ask volunteers to come up to the whiteboard and point to different symbols. Each group must then make their sound!

Let's go to The Front Door resource and play the "conductor at the whiteboard" game.

There are many ways of playing this game, see if you can come up with different ideas to make it more challenging. 



Do we move quickly or slowly between the symbols?


Do we want to make the sounds loud or quiet?

Resource Pack

Check out our worksheets on how the voice works below. You can download and print these from the 'Worksheets' tab on the left.