Shane McKenna

After taking up the guitar at the age of 14, Shane studied music education in Trinity College Dublin and the Royal Irish Academy of Music followed by a masters in music and media technology. He specialised in performance on the classical guitar and composition with his masters thesis exploring the use of new forms of notation for music education. In 2012 he founded dabbledoomusic with visual artist and educator, Killian Redmond.

Killian Redmond

Killian is a visual artist and educator, working across a wide range of media, including graffiti murals, print and digital. He has created individual and collaborative works in Ireland and abroad with children and artists of all ages. Killian has a vast range of experience in the music world from running a record label and promoting Irish electronic music to performance, radio and DJing.

Chris Rooney

Chris Rooney is a musician and educator. He started playing trombone at the age of 11 and has played everything from classical music to Jamaican ska since. In 2008, he completed his diploma in music teaching and performance at the Royal Irish Academy of Music and has regularly taught music since then. Chris currently handles the marketing and communications for Dabbledoo.

Jo Quinn

Jo Quinn is our lead drama educator for Dabbledoodrama. She started acting at a very young age and after years of speech and drama, youth theatre and school musicals, Jo completed a degree in Drama and Theatre Studies and a Diploma in Physical Theatre. Jo loves how drama can take us to new places and helps us learn about ourselves and others along the way.

Sofía Steiner Garro

Sofía is a Costa Rican filmmaker who has worked internationally on media projects from advertising to feature films. She moved to Europe in 2019 to start her master’s degree in Cinematography in IADT. Sofía loves movies, exploring and creating new universes through film, and the flexibility of film language, as she believes audiovisuals can be a powerful and positive tool for creating new imagination in our society. With Dabbledoo, Sofia leads the creation of videos and explores new visual approaches.

BM Thornton

BM Thornton has been creating digital products for 12 years. With his keen eye for design, and specific interest in user-experience & interaction design he’s built everything from digital art pieces, websites to mobile apps. He’s collaborated on many digital art projects, installations & experimental user interfaces using both web & native mobile technologies.

Why we do what we do...

Diversity, Integration and Equality

We believe the arts are among the most meaningful and accessible ways for children to relate to different cultures. Arts education helps children grow their own self esteem while developing empathy, kindness and tolerance for others.

We are committed to growing our content and our organisation in a way that values diversity, inclusion and equality.