Classroom Concert 3 - Guitar with Shane

All guitars covered with our own Shane McKenna!

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Our own Shane McKenna takes 2nd Class from Rush & Lusk Educate Together on a trip through all things guitar.

Learn about four different types of guitar: classical, acoustic, electric and bass.

Discover different music from around the world like the blues, flamenco and trad.

Sing along with folk songs, bop to funky basslines and dance to rock'n'roll!

About The Author

Shane Mc Kenna
Shane Mc Kenna

Shane Mc Kenna is a musician and music teacher from Monaghan, based in Dublin. He studied Music Education and Music Technology in Trinity College Dublin where he became a leading researcher and developer in the area of new musical notation for education and collaborative music making. He has guest lectured in Ireland and abroad based on his work developing new systems of teaching and learning about music, inside and outside the classroom.

Shane is an experienced musician having performed in orchestras, choirs and bands on a range of instruments and is currently attempting to master the fiddle!

Shane hosts CPD courses across Ireland each a year and leads the development of the DabbledooMusic curriculum content.

If you have any questions or feedback about the curriculum content please get in touch!

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